Southwest Angel Network (SWAN) for Social Impact 

 SWAN is dedicated to demonstrating that doing social good and making a financial return can go hand-in-hand. Philanthropy accomplishes just one of those goals. Investing in the most-promising, for-profit social-impact companies can accomplish both.

SWAN provide funding for early-stage, for-profit companies which are working to make the work a better place. These companies are often focused on enhancing healthcare outcomes, improving educational results, or protecting the environment.

If giving-back while having the potential of a  financial return appeals to you, SWAN is the right place for you.

Your legacy is putting your stamp on the future: “Yes, world of the future, I was here. Here’s my contribution, I made the world a better place."

There is a strong community component to being a SWAN angel.  It is wonderful group of caring investors who are working together for the greater good. And we get to meet inspired and interesting company executives.

Our angel investors have the option to make equity investments in the teams who pitch at our dinner events. These companies are striving to build sustainable, profitable businesses, allowing the companies to avoid annual charitable giving campaigns. 

As an angel you can become involved with these companies as little or as much as you desire and have time for.

A key aspect of our mission is the nurturing and mentoring of social-impact entrepreneurs, helping them define sustainable social-impact businesses and to get ready to apply for funding.

SWAN is pleased to be part of the large Austin social-impact eco-system which works collectively to make the world a better place.​

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NEWS: Members of the Southwest Angel Network have invested In Flow Below, a for-profit company that protects the environment by increasing the fuel efficiency and lowers the carbon footprint of long-haul tractor-trailers.